The "one-stop" industry information integration platform
TGD is a "one-stop" industry information integration platform inaugurated on the basis of Kcomber's professional knowledge and special IT technologies, and aims to help clients to obtain an overall perspective of the target industry with more convenience and save their time in information collection and desk research.
  • Provide comprehensive commodity-centered data to assist business decision
  • Assist you to screen out a list of markets or clients with high potential
  • Enable market participants & researchers to access to target sector dynamics
  • Offer one-stop solution to your conventional and individualized demands
  • Timely, Accurate, and Comprehensive Commodities Information Platform

    TGD addresses many opportunities and challenges to economic development, enterprise management and investment decisions with respect to the price volatility of comprehensive commodities such as agricultural products, crude oil, iron ore etc. Customers can acquaint themselves with the entire industry situation and market trend of related products in a timely, accurate and comprehensive way and find out the competitiveness of these products in the local China market. They can also create new commodity charts manually, to set or adjust the relevant product strategy or project the advantages of their products in the local market.

  • Information Sharing Across Industry Lines and Break Through These Limitations

    The system is designed “from the ground up” to solve the problem of information sharing across industry lines and break through these limitations. Additionally, with the huge amounts of information and the challenges of knowledge management processing, the system, through information aggregation of multi-industry, multiplelinks and multiple types, creates new value and services for the customer.

  • Personalized Comparison of Various Industries

    Currently, TGD business covers the agriculture (animal husbandry, planting), food (sweeteners, beverage, dairy, corn, amino acids, vitamins), pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, chemical (pesticide, paint, fluorine) and other chemical industries such as phosphorous, forest and petrochemical and the energy industry, eventually spanning 17 industry sectors.